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100% Natural & Handcrafted

100% Natural & 100% Handcrafted, grown naturally in the forest mountain of Southern Manipur without any chemicals or pollution. They are fully handcrafted by tea artisans.

The Single Malt of Teas

100+ years old tea trees with strong roots, which absorb more nutrients out of mountain soil. Unique aroma as it is infused with the bio-diverse wild forest.


Parag Hatibarua is mentoring us in developing our superior Wild Tea blends. An honorary ITMA certified Tea Master with 30+ years of experiences as tea tester & tea auctioneer.

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About Forest Pick

Forest Pick is a product start-up which deals in naturally growing wild tea. Our tea plants are grown in the wild mountains of Southern Manipur for over centuries like the wild teas of Yunnan Province in China. Our tea plants are fully grown trees with deeper root system, which absorb and retain higher nutrients from the mountain soil, giving a unique & complex flavor and aroma. Unlike estate tea plants, which are pruned to be short bushes and chemically treated with fertilizers and pesticides, our tea plants are devoid of any chemical interventions. They are nurtured by the natural eco-system of the forest mountain. Also, our teas are carefully handcrafted by hill artisans and made available to you in the most NATURAL & SPECIAL way.


Manipur Oolong

₹ 199

Santing Oolong is handcrafted full leaf Oolong Tea. Made from the wild teas of Santing Village in Southern Manipur, which is nestled at an elevation of about 3000 feet above sea level. These tea plants are more than organic. They thrived in the natural habitat of Forest Mountain and they have never seen any form of chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides, etc) at any point in time. They are nurtured by nature through its bio-diverse ecosystem.

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