Manipur Smoked


Our Orthodox Smoked Teas are the original and traditional tea which has been used by the hill artisans for centuries. The tea is darker and stronger with higher caffeine and sensational smoky flavor. The smoky flavor is what makes it distinct from a normal black tea.

50 gm
75 gm
100 gm


  • Unlike estate teas which are commercially grown and produced, our Teas are naturally grown & produced in FOREST mountain
  • Very high in antioxidants, amino acids and other natural nutrients
  • Because it’s grown in WILD, the tea plant is more matured with deeper roots, lesser pollutants and hence richer in un-synthesized & natural nutrients
  • They are carefully hand crafted by mountain artisans, which makes the leaves more intact thereby retaining higher nutrients, aroma and flavor

Normal Brewing

  • Use 2 grams of tea leaves in 150 ml of hot water
  • Use hot water at about 95 degree Celsius. Don’t not boil the tea leaves
  • Brew the tea leaves for about a minute in the hot water
  • Our tea leaves can be steeped multiple times, which makes it good value for money. We do recommend to re-steep it for the second time

Gong Fu Brewing

  • Use 5 grams of tea leaves in 100 ml of hot water
  • Use hot water at about 95 degree Celsius, brew the tea leaves for about 10 seconds in the first infusion & then additional 5 seconds brewing for subsequent infusions
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50 gm, 75 gm, 100 gm

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