Hand Crafting

How we make Wild Tea

We believe HAND CRAFTING is the most evolved form of tea processing as it brings the best out of tea leaves. Handcrafting is tedious and manual process with very low productivity, but it gives higher quality tea as it retains more nutrients and minerals from the leaves. The ideal tea picking standard is two leaves & a bud, which are very young and tender and easily break with a slight twist. Such tenderness should be treated with care and softness, which machines most of the time are incapable of. Machine processing tends to put more pressure on the tea leaves resulting in more maceration and destruction, which excessively break the nutrient system and drains off those important ingredients.

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Manufacturing Process

Artisans always prefer hand processing, because that is the best way to get highest quality tea. Our wild teas are 100% hand crafted. China has been known for its high quality artisans tea and our production process are adopted in line with their model. These are the key steps followed by us for various type of teas.

Green Tea

Black Tea

Smoked Black Tea

White Tea


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