Plain warm water can be boring…

I read a recent article on the ability of black tea to combat COVID-19. But this has not been clinically proven and so it cannot be a good enough reason for drinking black tea. But there are many right reasons.

Firstly, tea is a healthy beverage with antioxidant properties, LDL reduction ability & other health benefits, which helps our immune system. It’s been consumed for many centuries in various parts of the world for its health benefits. The only caveat is adding milk & sugar is a much later phenomenon. Adding milk may or may not be a good practice, but adding sugar is definitely harmful for health.

Secondly, India is one of the places of origin of tea and the indigenous tea tribe drink the plain tea without milk and sugar. In fact, tea was never a British invention – it’s the Singpho tribe on the Assam and Arunachal Pradesh border through whom the tea industry was developed. The only British invention in tea could be the addition of milk and sugar, which made the drink more harmful than good. Our original tea was never the milky tea, but rather the plain drink sans milk and sugar.

Thirdly, it’s probably the best replacement for warm water if you find drinking warm water difficult. Yes, people have been advising us to drink warm water since the outbreak of COVID-19. However WHO and Harvard experts later clarified that warm water will not help fight COVID-19. But warm water is inherently good as it helps our immune system & digestion, blood circulation, and nasal & throat congestions, all of which are symptoms of COVID-19.

But, warm water is no medicine. If we have to benefit from drinking warm water, we need to make it part of our daily routine and drink it as frequently as possible. However, the challenge for many of us is that plain warm water is too bland and boring. A nice orthodox or specialty tea definitely will add some funk and zing. Therefore stay safe, stay healthy and drink tea

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