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How to lose weight with tea?

Tea may not reduce your weight is what I’ve said in my last article and I stand by that. But then why am I writing on “How to lose weight with tea?” It may sound contrarian, but there is a way to do it. This is not something to do with the inherent properties of certain compounds in tea leaves, but this will is going to be more of lifestyle change.

As Indian, we drink a lot of CHAI or MILK TEA and this is irrespective of the class or caste, rich or poor, young or old. A typical India CHAI lifestyle would warrant for at least 3 cups a day, morning, afternoon and evening. By the way, do you know how much calories each cup contains? Roughly about 90-130 Calories depending on the size of your cup, amount of sugar and type of milk.

At 3 Cups a day, the CHAI would add about 300 Calories per day. What does that equate to? According to “The American Council on Exercise” a 120-pound person burns about 11.4 calories per minute. So if you were to burn those 300 Calories, you will need to run almost half an hour a day, which is not an easy task for an average being.

How many of us run for such duration on a day-to-day basis? I’m sure a lot of us are regular runner and I’m also sure a lot of us are not runner. Irrespective of which category we belong, 26 Minutes on a daily basis will not be an easy one unless you are a professional athlete.

On the other hand, do you know how much calories does a cup of green tea, black tea, oolong tea or white tea has? It’s a negligible 1-2 calories. So, isn’t it better than milk tea or chai? Hell yea…!!!

Easier said than done. I understand, those sugar laden creamy milk will be tough to replace with a plain simple tea. Like any other good things, the trick is in taking small step at a time. The first step could be in replacing those in-between teas, those you drink during meetings, those courtesy guest-host tea, those teas meant for killing or passing time, etc. Then gradually move towards targeting evening tea and then finally to the ritual morning tea. Know that even just a single cup replacement will save you from.

By the way, good quality teas which are the non-tea bags, can be quite savory and delicious and will help in the transition quicker. Off course one needs to develop the taste for it, it may not come naturally at first. A good quality tea is in fact more interesting than milk tea as it has more nuances, aromatics, flavors and story. For example, WILD TEA from www.forestpick.com would be a good one, they are natural teas which grow wild in the mountain, they are older than the WORLD WARS, they are handcrafted and they are naturally whole leaves, which brew a cupful of joy.

So, even though the antioxidants in tea may not reduce your weight, but a change in just the tea-brewing will hugely help in reducing your calories. Stay slim, drink good tea.

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