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Manipur Toasty Green (Cotton Bag) is a handcrafted, pan-fried GREEN TEA made from the wild teas of Santing Mountain in Southern Manipur, which is nestled at an elevation of about 3000 feet above sea level. These tea plants are MORE THAN ORGANIC, they thrive in the natural habitat of Forest Mountain and they have never seen any form of chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides, etc) at any point in time. They are nurtured by nature through its bio-diverse ecosystem.

Manipur Green Cotton tea bag brings you a convenience without any compromise on quality. The cotton tea bags are cleaned and 100% sterilized. It’s as natural as it can get – Wild Tea in Cotton Tea Bags.



These teas are Handpicked, Indoor Withered, Pan-fried dry.

Texture/Mouth feel

It’s very clean and fresh in the mouth with a peculiar body which lingers for sometime. There is some level of astringency (depending on leaf-water ratio), however it doesn’t last long.

Aroma & Flavor

A refreshing green & vegital notes with a bit of grassiness. You also get a touch of wild flower notes & a slight earthiness.

Tea Liquor Color

It’s clean and clear. The color of the tea liquor is bright yellowish-goldenish.


  • Nutrients: Very high on NATURAL ANTIOXIDANT like POLYPHENOL – FLAVANOIDS (EGCG), CATECHINS and other natural nutrients like THEANINE, CAFFEINE & AMINO ACIDS . Green tea apart from being antioxidant is also anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogens & anti-radiation.
  • More than ORGANIC: These plants have never seen any form of chemicals at any point in time. They are nurtured by nature, the bio-diversity of the forest mountains supply and provide all needed nutrients & resistant for the plant to grow.
  • Pure & Natural: These plants are grown in remote wilderness of mountain forest far off from any economic activities. They are subjected to minimal man-made pollution. As pure & natural as one can get.
  • 100+ Years Old Plants: These are plants which are fully grown trees. Most of them are more than 100+ years old. They have much deeper root system which absorb much more nutrients and important compounds from the mountain soil.
  • Fully Hand Crafted: The tea are hand processed by artisans. Hence the tender tea leaves are more intact, it retains much more nutrients & important compounds than machine made teas.
  • Our products are FSSAI certified.

Normal Brewing

  • 1 cotton bag to 150 ml of hot water
  • Use hot water at about 80-85 degree Celsius
  • Do not boil the tea bag
  • Brew the cotton bag for about a minute in the hot water
  • Remove the cotton bag and enjoy
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